The shooting of the movie ‘The Happiness Happiness” by Borjan Zafirovski is underway

For more than two weeks, the crew is working on the film “The Happiness Effect” directed by Borjan Zafirovski. This story about the universal search for happiness, is filming in different locations around Skopje and Ohrid, and at the moment there are scenes in the studio of Fx3x.

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Pre-selection for the Berlinale 2018 in Skopje

This year, pre-selection for the 68th edition of the Berlin Film Festival, for films from the countries of the region, is held in Skopje from 15th to 17th November.

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“Secret Ingredient” with an audience award at the Thessaloniki Festival 

The film “Secret Ingredient” by Macedonian director Gjorce Stavreski won the audience award as part of the Balkan Survey program at the Thessaloniki Film Festival.

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“Liberation of Skopje” with the Best Screenplay Award at the Arpa Film Festival 

At the 20th anniversary edition of the International Arpa Film Festival, which took place from 3 to 5 November at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, the Macedonian feature film “Liberation of Skopje”, directed by Danilo and Rade Sherbedzija, won the best screenplay award.

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Started 16th edition of Cinedays

In the period from 9th to 19th November 2017, in organization of Youth Cultural Center, the sixteenth edition of the European Film Festival Cinedays will be held, which this year, like all previous ones, will try to satisfy the built taste of its numerous and the faithful audience. The festival is held under the motto “Skopje’s line, European ride” or why the favorite station in Skopje is precisely the Cinedays festival.

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Premiere of the film “Secret ingredient” by Gjorce Stavreski in Thessaloniki

The feature film “Secret ingredient” by the director Gjorce Stavreski had his world premiere at the 58th edition of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

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The project “Sister” got support from the SEE Cinema Network

In the period from 8 to 9 November in Thessaloniki, Greece, was organized meeting of the SEE Cinema Network, attended by representatives from Albania, Cyprus, Greece, Romania and Serbia, including the acting Director of the Macedonian Film Agency, Mr. Gorjan Tozija.

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12th Annual Macedonian Film Festival announced the 2017 Winners

Macedonian Film Festival (MFF) announced winners of its 12 edition. Best feature film is “Liberation of Skopje”, directed by Rade & Danilo Serbedzija, best documentary film is “Balkan Roots”, directed by Chris Rabbitt & Anthony Fletcher, best short film is “Fighting for Death”, directed by Eleonora Veninova.

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The film “Secret Ingredient” was selected at the festival in Tallinn 

The film “Secret Ingredient” by the director Gjorce Stavreski has been selected in the official competition program of the 21st edition of the world famous film festival in Tallinn, “Black Nights”.

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The “Iron Story” won the best short film award at Tuzla Festival 

The short feature film “Iron Story”, directed by Zlatko Kalenikov, won the first prize in the category of short films at this year's Tuzla Film Festival, which was held from October 18-22.

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“Golden Five” won the Bronze Saber Award at the International Historical and Military Film Festival in Warsaw 

At the 8th International Festival of Historical and Military Films, which was held in Warsaw between 23 and 26 October, the Macedonian film “Golden Five” directed by Goran Trenčovski and produced by Revolution from Skopje, took part in the official selection and won the prize “Bronze Saber”, in the category of feature films.

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Awarded films at the second edition of the “Kinenova” Festival 

The second edition of the International Film Festival “Kinenova” Skopje 2017, was held from 6 to 11 October.

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The 148th Session of the Board of Directors of Eurimages was opened

Republic of Macedonia is hosting the 148th General Assembly of the Board of Directors of Eurimages, which is being held from October 16th to October 20th, organized by the Macedonian Film Agency and attended by over 60 representatives of the member states from all over Europe and Canada.

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Macedonia to Host 148th Eurimages Board of Directors Meeting

The Republic of Macedonia and the City of Skopje will be the hosts of the 148th Eurimages - Board of Directors meeting, which will run 16-20 October, 2017 in organization of the Macedonian Film Agency.

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The International Short Film Festival TIFF ODA in Tetovo has been completed

The International Short Film Festival TIFF ODA was held for the sixth time in Tetovo, from 3 to 7 October 2017.

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“Liberation of Skopje” with a prize for best production

The film “Liberation of Skopje”, directed by Rade and Danilo Sherbedzija, won the award for best production at the recently finished International Film Festival in Leskovac.

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“Golden Five” won the Grand Prix for Best Feature Film in America

At the 36th International Film Festival in New Jersey, Macedonian feature film “Golden Five”, directed by Goran Trencovski, won the Grand Prix for Best Feature Film.

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The film “Healer” with World premiere at the Thessaloniki Film Festival

The feature film “Healer” (working title “The Secret ingredient”) is selected at one of the most important festivals in South-Eastern Europe, “The International Film Festival of Thessaloniki” in the “Balkan Survey” program.

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Macedonian projects at Balkan Film Market 

In the period from 2 to 7 October 2017, in Tirana, R. Albania was organized the first Balkan Film Market, where two programs for film professionals, “Pitch Balkan” and “Albascript Plus” were realized. At the Market also were presented the submitted projects for minority co-productions with Albania.

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Raindance FIlm Festival: Interview with Rade and Danilo Sherbedzija 

You can check out the complete interview with Rade and Danilo Sherbedzija, directors of "The Liberation of Skopje", which took place during the 25th Raindance Film Festival, HERE

Macedonian Bulgarian co-production “Directions” Opened 38. International Cinematographers’ Film Festival “Manaki Brothers” in Bitola


Macedonian-Bulgarian co-production “Directions”, co-production between Bulgaria, Germany and Macedonia directed by Stephan Komandarev opened the 38. edition of  International Cinematographers’ Film Festival “Manaki Brothers”.

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In accordance with the new Film Industry Law (Official Gazette of Republic of Macedonia No. 82/2013, 18/2014 and 44/2014), the Macedonian Film Agency starting this year will stimulate the  investments in film or television projects using the right to refund of the invested funds.

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