Тhe land between the borders

Original Format:  Beta SP

Year of Released:  2010

Running Time:  87 min.

Director:  Arben I. Kastrati

Producer:  Arben I. Kastrati

Executive Producer:  Dardan Kastrati

Editor:  Albin Xharra

Screen Writer:  Arben I. Kastrati

Director of Photography:  Yll Citaku

Music:  Labinot Krasniqi

Principal Cast:  Adem Karaga, Muzbajdin Qamili, Arben I. Kastrati, Vedat Haxhiislami, Besnik Krapi, Ernest Zymberaj, Denalda Teli

Brief Synopsis:
1983. No man’s land, between Albania and Former Yugoslavia borders. Enemy border soldiers trade picture of a famous Yugoslav folk singer for cigarettes, so they can masturbate. An Albanian teacher from Kosovo (a political prisoner) escapes from Yugoslav prison and is on his way to Albania. An Albanian painter from Albania (a political prisoner) escapes from Albanian prison in Albania and is on his way to Yugoslavia. They meet in no man’s land. Both run from communism, both want to start a new life, a dream life… They curse the countries where they are escaping from and dream a future life in a “paradise countries” where they are headed to. Diversity appears among them. Where should they go? Should they return in countries where they run from, should they cross borders and go where their belief is guiding them, should they go “abroad”, in Italy, USA … A Yugoslav soldier is murdered…Who is to blame. They follow their dreams… How they end up…

Production Companies:
No Budget Production
Kuzman Shapkarev bb
Struga, Macedonia
[email protected];
[email protected]