Director: Zlatko Kalenikov

Producer: Ivana Shekutkoska

Screenwriter: Zlatko Kalenikov

Director of photography: Naum Doksevski

Kalin (11), dreams of becoming an astronaut. Driven by the desire of his dream, he attends lessons at “Public Engineering”, school for young scientists. During one of their lessons, they learn how to assemble and launch rockets. Kalin, under the influence of his friends gets engaged into an adventure which will break the principles and ethics of education and child’s play. He gets dragged into something which he would not do by himself, but the provocations of cowardice and his desire for rockets will overcome his principles and manners and he will become drawn into the process of launching a rocket. All this will result in an ominous situation in which his sister will also be involved.

MK | Pre-production | Drama, Youth | Produced by Strymon Film (MK) Co-produced Minimal (MK)