Director: Goran Dukic

Producer: Nina Petrovic

Screenwriter: Sandra Antolic

Director of Photography: Vanja Cernjul

Cast: Ksenija Marinkovic

Brief Synopsis:

Almighty and all-knowing Jesus Christ, equally all-knowing auntie Anka, and a curious hog Beba are the main protagonists of this rural musical comedy, situated in Zagorje during the 1990s war years in Croatia. The folklore backdrop of the village life illustrated with motifs of a wedding, village fair and pig slaughter fest is dominated by dramatic love between Beba and Roki, a boar of half-Serbian origin, and breakdown of the hair salon bonnet dryer which puts a damper on Anka’s village fair preparation.

HR, MK | Pre-Production | Comedy, Drama | Produced by Svenk (HR) Co-produced by Vertigo Visual (MK)