Director: Blerta Basholli

Producer: Jil Uka, Kristijan Burovski, Dimitar Minov, Valon Bajgora

Screenwriter: Blerta Basholli

Director of photography: Aleks Blum

Brief Synopsis:

Fahrije, a woman whose husband has been missing since the war in Kosovo, sets up a small agricultural business to provide for her family. In this traditional patriarchal environment, however, Fahrije’s self-empowerment is not seen as a positive thing. Her business starts off well, but the bees in her hives are hard to control and even aggressive towards her. In her journey to make peace with the bees, she begins making peace with herself too, so she can empower herself and adapt to a new and hostile reality.

XK, MK, CH, LU, AL | Pre-production | Drama | Produced by N.SH Industria Film (XK) Co-produced by Black Cat Production (MK), Alva Film Production (CH), WADY FILMS (LU), AlbaSky (AL)