Director: Andrej Kosak

Producer: Zoan Dzeverdanovic, Ilija Ciriviri, Dejan Iliev

Screenwriter: Andrej Kosak, Dragana Lukan

Director of photography:  Jason Mann

Editor: Martin Ivanov

Franta is a corrupted mayor who is going to lose the elections. Panicked seeks counsel from his lover Jozica, and shee advise him to ask help from the gangster Glejshman.  The both of the are coming with a plan to set up a scandal to his opponent Jerovshek.  Glejshman kidnaps Jevroshek and sets him up on a photo naked with two minor, after which Jerovshek commits suicide. The suicide is investigated by Franta’s old UDBA friend, inspector Berginc. Berginc is working with the photographer Bojan, who is boyfriend of Petra, Franta’s daughter. She is starting to find out the dirty secrets of her father. Jozica is also mistress of Glejsman. As the investigation develops all is against all.

MK, SI | Post-production | Thriller |

Produced by Blade Production (SI) Coproduced by Mind Productions (MK)