MakeCoProDox Forum is taking place for the first time at the Creative​ Documentary Film Festival MakeDox in Skopje, North Macedonia from 25th to27th August 2019.

The Forum is organized by MakeDox, the Macedonian Film Agency and the Creative Europe Media Desk MK.

Purpose: Better regional co-production of documentary films =

We are looking for documentary film producers/authors with audiovisual​ projects from  Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia (with​ film in development or post-production) to participate in the Forum.

It is possible to apply with a film project with the following main requirements:

  • feature documentary;
  • development stage, post-production stage;
  • to be shot or produced​ in the region (​please note thatwe​   do not require that the film story is set in the region).​

Deadline for Applications: 5th August 2019

Apply at festival@makedox.mkwith a synopsis of the project or YouTube trailer, if there is one.  

The selection of the submitted projects will be carried out by an Evaluation Committee taking into account the eligibility requirements; the evaluation results will be announced by email.

If the project is selected, the main producer/author will be invited, covering the hospitality costs (accommodation, meals, and local transfer), festival accreditation and excluding travel expenses. We can provide these costs for 10 participants, one from each country, and for the rest, we will provide only festival accreditations.

The attendance of the main producer is required for the whole period of the Forum, arriving on the 24 of August and returning on the 28 of August.

All the selected projects will be presented by their producers with the “one to one meetings” formula meetings with representatives of  11 regional funds, 3 Scandinavian funds and 2 major televisions as well as producers from the countries mentioned above.