The feature film “Unforgettable Spring in the Forgotten Village”, directing by Kushtrim Bektesi, won the Audience Award for The Best film of the 11th edition of PriFest 2019 held in the period from July 16-21 in Pristina, Republic of Kosovo.

The film is produced by Manufactura Production (Macedonia) and Saso Pavlovski, co-produced by Media & Film Production (Kosovo) and Mumin Jashari, Skandal Productions (Albania) and Genc Permeti, and Skupifestival (Macedonia) with Musbajdin Qamili and Osman Ahmeti.

Director of photography is Almir Dјikoli, composer Tremor Domi, editor Radovan Petrovic, stage designer Durim Neziri, costume designer Zaklina Krstevska, sound designer Darko Spasovski.

The film includes a large number of actors from Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and Bulgaria, including Osman Ahmeti, Adem Karaga, Amernis Nokshiki Jovanovska, Flora Kadriu, Blerim Dardishta.

The film is a co-production between Northern Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania, financially supported by the Northern Macedonia Film Agency, Cinematography Center of Kosovo, the National Cinematography Center of Albania, Radio Television of Kosovo, Macedonian Radio Television 2 and the Radio Television of Albania.