The successes continue, this time in the form of a very significant award. Popular Romanian director Cristi Puiu has won the Best Director award for his latest film “Malmcrog” in the new “Encounters” section as part of the 70th anniversary of one of the world’s most renowned film festivals “Berlinale”.

The joy is great because the film “Malmcrog” as a minority co-production is supported by the Film Agency of the Republic of Northern Macedonia. As a Macedonian co-producer, “Sisters and Brother Mitevski “is signed and this is another great success for this production.

 “The selection featured 15 film achievements and the three-member jury awarded three awards, one to Cristii Puiu. Cristi Puiu is undoubtedly one of the most important European authors and being part of such a co-production is a success for Macedonian cinematography as well. And this time the North Film Agencu also recognized the exceptional script and the always interesting visual approach of this author and enabled Macedonia to be a part of this project and to rejoin the top film streams. The Berlin premiere was also attended by Culture Minister Jusni Ismaili on February 21” , “Sisters and Brother Mitevski’s production company said.

The film was announced in an official announcement from the Berlinale as “a journey through time and thought, which fascinates with precision and inventiveness”. So daring in the author’s approach that it borders on experimental film, in fact “Malmcrog” is a three and a half hour master class directed.

The film is a co-production between Romania, Serbia, Switzerland, Sweden, Bosnia and Northern Macedonia. The main producer is Mandagora, Romania.

The latest film achievement of renowned Romanian director Cristi Puiu  by the Berlinale’s expert authorities has been rated as a harsh criticism of our time.

Cristi Puiu names his film work after a village in Transylvania and based it on a text by Russian philosopher Vladimir Solovyev. Guests in the courtyard of the important man Nikolai discuss death, the Antichrist, history and law, progress and morality.

Macedonian production company Sisters and Brother Mitevski has a history of successful collaborations with director Christy Puiu as co-producer of the film “Sierra Nevada” which in 2016 was officially selected at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

Recall, last year, the film, which was financially supported by the  North Macedonia Film Agency “God exists, Her name is Petunia”, directed by Teona Strugar Mitevska, had its world premiere in the main program of the 69th edition of the Berlinale and won two awards from the independent jury, “Ecumenical” and “Guild Film Prize”.