Original Format: HD

Year of Released: 2011

Running Time:  35 min.

Director: Skender Raufi

Producer:  Sanie Kamberi

Editor:  Afet Miftari

Screen Writer:  Skender Raufi

Director of Photography:  Afet Miftari, Mirilind Ashimi

Music:  Naxhije Berisha

Brief Synopsis:
Apparitions is a documentary film dedicated to a folk singer, a man with dignity, virtue and principles. The film represents a story of a Balkan Don Quixote view of moral values, that is the dilemma whether the hero should give up his own principles, or keep them but sacrificing himself.The psychological drama continues until the moment one becomes aware of the value of one’s life when it is bereft of one’s honor and accepts to live in a world full of Apparitions.

Production Companies:

New Look-s

Ohridska 43 1200 Tetovo, Macedonia