Cherry Orchard

Original Format: BETA Digital – 16:9

Year of Released: 2010

Running Time: 19’39”

Director: Goce Dimovski

Producer: Goce Dimovski

Editor: Stefan Boiadziev

Screen Writer: Goce Dimovski

Director of Photography: Lyudmil Hristov

Music: Goran Trajkovski

Principal Cast: Gabriela Petrushevska & Meto Jovanovski

Brief Synopsis:

”Cherry Orchard” is Short Film that speaks about controversial ideology of the socialism. Ljuba Andreevna is the main actor through which is illustrated the conflict between rigidness, repression and cruelty and the universal human values. The screenplay of the film is made by motives from A.P.Chehov.

Production Companies:

Molika Film
Vidoe Smilevski Bato 10-2/3 
1000 Skopje, Macedonia