Original Format: DVCPRO 720p

Year of Released: 2009

Running Time: 12 min

Director: Aleksandar Rusjakov

Producer: Marijan Ognenovski, Pavle Ignovski

Editor: Filip Grcevski

Screen Writer: Aleksandar Rusjakov

Director of Photography: Brand Ferro

Principal Cast: Verica Nedevska- Trajkova, Dimitrija Doksev, Katina Ivanova, Aleksandar Donev Marin Babic

Brief Synopsis:

Lena is a young girl starting and ending her day alone, in empty apartment, walking on the empty streets, working in empty studio, living in empty town. On the same day of her marriage proposal, her boyfriend got hit by a bus and dies. The accident completely changes her life and reality. She lives in memory of her boyfriend and nothing else matters for her. During her everyday obligations she doesn’t notice anything around her.She is alone.


  • Balkan Film Festival (in organization of Middle East Technical University METU, Turkey, 2010
  • BELEF – Belgrade Summer Film Festival, Serbia, 2010

Production Companies:

J.H.Dzinot 8-1/6
1000 Skopje, Macedonia