Original Format:   HD 16:9

Year of Released:  2013

Running Time:  60 min.

Director:  Petar Dzurovski

Producer:  Petar Dzurovski

Executive Producer:  Igor Cvetkovski

Editor:  Aleksandar Petrovski

Screen Writer:   Petar Dzurovski

Director of Photography:  Dimo Popov

Music:  Ivica Jankulovski

Brief Synopsis:
If a person disagrees with the dominant opinion of government policy or the environment in which they live is called dissident then in the post-Second World War in Macedonia appear first dissidents who oppose the former regime. The first dissident in Macedonia is the first Macedonian president Methodija Andonov – Cento although he was much respected and loved by the people and Tito, and yet his opposition to the former regime is the reason for his arrest and conviction of the decision in which he was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment. He died in 1957 and his death was a taboo subject, rarely mentioned in history books and textbooks. This historic occasion was the counterpoint to documentary disclosure of taboo topics which are not clearly written in the Macedonian history. The film would begin with some of these historical facts documented until 1969, when held in Helsinki Convention Agenda Human Rights and Freedoms, which is attended by all countries in Europe….


International Cinematographers’ Film Festival “Manaki Brothers”, Bitola, Macedonia, 2013

Macedonian Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2014

Production Companies:

Lavirint Production

Ivo Lola Ribar 43/1-2

1000 Skopje, Macedonia