A Press Conference Announcing the 4th edition of “Giffoni Macedonia”


A press-conference took place today at 11.30 am at Youth Cultural Centre (MKC) on occasion of the fourth edition of Youth Film Festival “Giffoni Macedonia” which will run October 21-26, 2016 in Skopje.

At the beginning the attendees stated that the successful “Giffoni” story continues its journey in the Republic of Macedonia in the following years, as a result of the new three-years agreement signed in Italy between the Macedonian Film Agency and Giffoni Experience-Italy. The responsibility and exclusive right to use the brand and “Giffoni” logo at the territory of the Republic of Macedonia by 31.12.2018 has again been given to the Macedonian Film Agency, while the signatory parties, i.e. the Agency and Giffoni Experience have given their trust for the organization of Youth Film Festival “Giffoni Macedonia” and other related activities under the brand to the Associations “Giffoni Macedonia” and “Planet M”. Darko Basheski has been appointed as an Executive Director of Giffoni Macedonia and official representative of Giffoni Experience in the Republic of Macedonia, while Elena Velickovska Nikolovska is the Artistic Director of Giffoni Macedonia.

During the six festival days the Giffoni Macedonia team in cooperation with the Macedonian Film Agency and Giffoni Experience-Italy through presentation of film and rich and educational program will try to create another successful story full of new possibilities and experience for the youth coming from Macedonia and other countries which are part of the international jury. The festival program will be held under the motto: Storyverse as a motivation for us to create a small universe Giffoniverse which will bring together the film stories, your stories and our cultural creations.

The festival activities will be held on two venues: the activities of the Juniors (10-13 year-olds) will be held at the Cinematheque of Macedonia with the activities of the Cadets (13-16 year-olds) and Seniors (16-18 year-olds)  taking place at Youth Cultural Centre (MKC).

The opening ceremony of Youth Film Festival “Giffoni Macedonia” will take place on October 21, 2016 at the cinema Millennium at 7.30 p.m. with the screening of Italian film “Italian Race-Fast Like the Wind” directed by Matteo Rovere.

As previous years, this year’s international jury is composed of 500 young people aged 10-18 divided into three age categories. The festival keeps its international character, i.e. besides youth from Macedonia the jury includes more than 50 participants from other countries: Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Georgia, Azerbeijan, USA, UK and Albania.

The festival program abounds with a rich film offer of 15 films in competition and a revue film programme of 2 Macedonian features, 4 Macedonian shorts and 5 Italian shorts, a great number of educational workshops: choreodrama, comic book, authorial film – from idea to premiere, photoverse, documentary film and other additional activities which will motivate the youth to have an unforgettable time together, gaining new knowledge through multicultural exchange of experience and opportunities to become and remain film and cultural lovers.

The official selection programme in all three age categories will comprise of a total number of 15 films in competition:

Category Juniors

„Space Dogs“ (Russia, 2010, 85’) by Ina Evlanikova and Svitoslav Ushakov

„Nelli’s Adventure“ (Germany, 2016, 97’) by  Domenik Veseli

„Blue Bycicle“(Turkey, 2015, 94’) by Umit Koreken

„The Little Gangster“ (the Netherlands, 2016, 102’) by Arne Toonen, Arent Jack

„The Phantom Boy“ (France, 2015, 84’) by  Jean-Loup Felicioli, Alain Gagnol

Category Cadets

„Fog in August“ (Germany, 2016, 126’)  by Kai Wessel

„Kalo-Poti- The Black Hen“ (Nepal, 2015, 90’)  by Min Bahadur Bham

„Papa“ (Spain, 2016, 88’) by Pepa San Marin

„The Day will come“ (Denmark, 2016, 110’) by Jesper W. Nielsen

„Box“ (Russia, 2016,99’) by Eduard Bordukov

Category Seniors

„The Violin Teacher“ (Brazil, 2015, 102’)  by Sergio Machado

„The Here After“ (Sweden, 2016, 102’)  by Magnus von Horn

„Philosophers“ (USA/Indonesia, 2016, 107’) by John Huddles

„Girl Asleep“ (Austria, 2016, 77’) by Rosemary Myers

„Flower“ (Italy, 2016, 210’) by Claudio Giovannesi

Giffoni Macedonia is supported by the Macedonian Film Agency and Giffoni Experience, Italy.

Organized by: Planet M and Giffoni M.

Contributors: Ministry of culture of the Republic of Macedonia, Ministry of education of the Republic of Macedonia,  Italian Embassy to Macedonia, Youth Cultural Centre (MKC), Cinematheque of Macedonia, the City of Skopje, The Municipality of Karposh, region of Campania etc.

Sponsors: Hotel Holiday Inn, Vitaminka AD, Orbico-Chupa Chups and others.

The festival is supported by the Macedonian Telekom.