“ACT” Premieres Tomorrow At Cinema Frosina


The short animation “Act” will have its premiere tomorrow (September 7) at 9 pm at Cinema Frosina – Youth Cultural Centre.

“Act” presents some of the main historical styles in European painting of the naked human figure. Changes in the styles of painting the naked human figure are presented, from baroque and rococo through classicism, romanticism, realism, impressionism, modernism and post-modernism. There is no conventional narration in this animated movie; instead the plot is inspired by the history of European painting as seen and practised by an artist—the author of this animated movie.

The film is written and directed by Aleksandar Stankovski, with Sasho Jovcevski as art director, Stevan Shashkov – editor, Aleksandar Pejovski – composer and Gregorio Malcangi – sound designer. The film is produced by PIREJ Film – Skopje and is supported by the Macedonian Film Agency.