Original Format:  35 mm

Year of Released:  2010

Running Time:  105 min.

Director:  Juanita Wilson

Producer:  Vladimir Anastasov, Nathalie Lichtenthaeler, James Flynn, Lena Rehberg, Karen Richards

Editor:  Nathan Nugent

Screen Writer:  Juanita Wilson

Director of Photography:  Tim Fleming

Music:  Kiril Dzajkovski

Principal Cast:  Natasha Petrovic, Fedja Stukan, Sanja Buric, Irina Apelgren, Jasna Diklic and Stellan Skarsgard

Brief Synopsis:
Samira is a teacher in a Bosnian village: twenty-nine, gentle, clever and pretty and owns an apartment of her own. Until one spring day a young soldier walks uninvited into her kitchen and tells her to pack a bag, and her life is interrupted. As the sky turns black with smoke behind her, Samira enters a new world, where peace is a fairytale and there are no homes but only camps: transit camp, reception camp, labor camp, death camp. This movie documents Samira’s struggle to cling to humanity, and to seek and eventually find a reason for hope amidst the tragedy of the Balkan conflict. Based on the acclaimed book by Slavenka Drakulic AS IF I AM NOT THERE is utterly compelling, original and, above all, it offers hope. Set in Bosnia 1992, it has the potential to be a powerful, moving and poignant film about a remarkable woman who faced the most appalling situation during the Balkan wars.


  • First Prize – Cinema Mundi International Film Festival , Czech Republic, 2012
  • Best World Picture – Phoenix Film Festival, USA, 2011
  • The Council of Europe Film Award “FACE” – Istanbul Film Festival, Turkey, 2011
  • Best Director, Best Script and Best Film – Annual Irish Film & Television Awards, 2010
  • Silver Pyramid – Cairo International Film Festival, Egypt, 2010


  • Palm Springs International Film Festival, USA, 2011
  • Jameson Irish Film Festival, USA, 2011
  • San Luis Obispo International Film Festival, USA, 2011
  • International Film Festival Breda, Netherlands, 2011
  • Creteil International Women’s Film Festival, France, 2011
  • Worldfest – Houston Independent International Film Festival, USA, 2011
  • International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul, South Korea, 2011
  • Cinema for Peace Berlin, Germany, 2011
  • Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2010
  • Toronto International Film Festival, Canada, 2010 (Discovery Program)
  • Haifa International Film Festival, Israel, 2010 (Program: East of the West)
  • Zagreb Film Festival, Croatia, 2010
  • Macedonian Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2015

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Production Companies:
Sektor Film
Albert Ajnshtajn 9/14
1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Wide Eye Films
70Sir John Rogerson’s Quay
Dublin2, Ireland

Octagon Films
Ardmore studios
Herbert road, Bray
Dublin, Ireland

Stella Nova Film
Stockholm, Sweden