Association of Macedonian Film Producers became a member of FIAPF – International Federation of Film Producers Association


Macedonian Association of Film Producers became a member of FIAPF – International Federation of Film Producers Association. This was decided during the General Assembly of FIAPF which took place on May 20 in Cannes. FIAPF is an organization composed of more than 38 production companies from more than 30 of the leading audiovisual production countries such as France, Germany, China and is also in charge of regulating the rights and interests of film producers worldwide.

“We are very happy that Macedonia became part of our family and that members of your association have managed to meet the required criteria for membership in FIAPF. We are certain that in the future we will work together with you to promote the film industry in your area and that you can be of great help to many activities with regards to the organization of joint projects and interests, “- said the executive director of FIAPF, Adrien Benoit at the General Assembly in Cannes.

The membership of Macedonia in FIAPF- a Federation of producers with the largest budget among the producer’s organizations in the world, was unanimously approved by all members.
FIAPF functions as a bridge between the national interests of its member states and international institutions, as coordinator of all important laws on an international level and the related rights and interests of producers at both local and international level. FIAPF is the main organization involved in all important issues relating to the regulation of collective rights of producers, and an organization which decides on categorization of all festivals in the world.
The Macedonian Association of Producers is comprised of 15 members who all meet the strict criteria for admission to FIAPF. Out of all the countries of South Eastern Europe, only Turkey, Croatia and Macedonia managed to become members. President of the Association of Macedonian producers is Ognen Antov.

“This is a very important day for Macedonia,” said Director of Macedonian Film Agency, Mimi Gjorgoska – Ilievska.

She added that we should all be proud of the fact that one of the most important organizations related to film industry has Macedonia as a member.
“This will contribute to the process of democratization of film industry in the country and will enable us to actively engage in solving the issues we face in the film industry in our country. Macedonia has recently come huge steps closer to European and world standards and this is just a verification of our efforts – the most important members of the film family, the producers, have become members of the most elite organization in the world related to their profession”

Except the Association of Producers, admission to the world organization of distributors FIAD gained another association – the Association of Film Distributors of Macedonia.

“This is the reason all of us who participate in the realization of film projects to be proud, and together with all the associations and individuals who work on the development of the film industry, to provide better conditions and legal regulations that will promote the film industry” – states Gjorgoska – Ilievska.

On May 21 in Cannes the Macedonian Association of Film Producers also signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Association of Producers of Kosovo.