Original Format: 35mm

Year of Released: 2009

Running Time: 19min

Director: Gjorce Stavreski

Producer: Gjorce Stavreski

Executive Producer: Ruse Arsov

Editor: Sofija Samoilovska

Screen Writer: Gjorce Stavreski

Director of Photography: Dimo Popov

Music: Ognen Anastasovski

Principal Cast: Pero Arsovski, Jordan Simonov, Marija Bejkova, Lile Georgieva

Brief Synopsis:

Just before dawn, an old janitor in a mountain hut finds a scared, young woman hiding in the kitchen. A few moments later, her lover enters the hut, introduces himself as her uncle and starts asking about her. The old man decides to protect her and lies, saying he hadn’t seen anyone around. As the film approaches its wild end, that decision will cost him dearly.Awards:”Aco Aleksov” Award – Asterfest International Short Film Festival, Strumica, 2009″Golden Mask” for Best Short Film – Festival of French Film , Ohrid, 2009Festivals:International Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand, France, 2010MEDFILM Film Festival, Roma, Italy, 2010BELEF Belgrade Summer Film Festival, 2010CINEFIESTA International Short Film Festival, Puerto Rico, 2010Cinema Jove International Film Festival, Valencia, Spain, 2010

Production Companies:
Trice Films
Vladimir Komarov 33-2/1
1000 Skopje, Macedonia