Be Loyal (Working titles: Expecting the Мoney/Word)

Original Format:  1,85:1

Year of Released:  2015

Running Time:  86`

Director:  Slobodan Despotovski

Producer:  Slobodan Despotovski, Dejan Iliev

Editor:  Vladimir Pavlovski

Screen Writer:  Slobodan Despotovski

Director of Photography:  Dejan Dimeski

Music:  Goran Trajkoski

Principal Cast:
Senko Velinov, Dime Iliev, Igor Stojcevski, Katerina Sehtanska, Ana Stojanovska, Ilber Murtezi, Vanco Petrushevski, Goce Todorovski, Gorast Cvetkovski, Robert Veljanovski

Brief Synopsis:
The film is a story about a man who knows no law or faith. Arno gave his word to always help his friend Gordy, and he does so in his own violent way. Arno abides by only one rule: his promise—the only thing, according to him, that distinguishes humans from animals.

Production Companies:
SD Production
Vera Jocik no.23/2-7
1000 Skopje, Macedonia
[email protected]