Original Format: HD
Year of Released: 2007
Running Time: 30 min
Director: Arben Thachi
Producer: Sabedin Selmani
Executive Producer: Mirsad Iseini
Editor: Fadil Veseli
Screen Writer: Arben Thachi
Director of Photography: Vladimir Samoilovski
Music: Fatos Lumani & Teuta Halimi
Principal Cast: Arsim Fazlia, Petrit Neziri, Muzafer Etemi

Brief Synopsis:

The film explains the situation of a student who lives alone in a big house and since his parents work abroad he has distorted the normal rhythm of his life, in fact he can not sleep at night and this worries him a lot since he can not overcome the fear from the unidentifiable noises in his house. His school friend also gets involved in the game as he tries to calm him down at the beginning, but later he takes his concerns much seriously while explaining his situation as a fear from the darkness which makes the leading role even more obsessed over the thing that he can not see.


Best Editing Award-9/11 Film Festival, Pristina, Kosovo, 2008


  • Tirana International Film Festival, Albania, 2007(Albanian Competition Programme)
  • NYIIFVF (New York International Film & Video Festival), New York, USA, 2008 (Official Programme)

Production Companies:

Ljube B. Pish 31
1200 Tetovo, Macedonia