Between Two Worlds


Original Format:  Full HD 16:9

Year of Released:  2013

Running Time:  26 min

Director:  Sabidin Ali

Producer:  Sabidin Ali

Editor:  Lazar Sekulovski

Screen Writer:  Nazlije Jashari

Director of Photography:  Robert Jankulovski

Music:  M.B.”Kapsamun”

Brief Synopsis:
Traditions, distance, migration, language, and traditional customs will make up the mosaic of the documentary film, “Longing and Joy,” which will present a concrete reality with the means of expression of the film.


Tuzla Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2014

International Cinematographers’ Film Festival “Manaki Brothers”, Macedonia, 2014

International Documentary and Short Film Festival DokuFest, Prizren, Kosovo, 2014

International Festival of Dоcumentary Films on Human Rights ONE WORLD, Kosova, 2013

Production Companies:

Vizioni Plus

Str. 101 bb

1200 Tetovo, Macedonia