Director:  Jelena Bešir

Producer: Milan Milosavljevic, Elena Stanisheva

Screenwriter: Jelena Bešir

Director of Photography: Nebojsha Petrović

Animators: Jelena Bešir, Ivan Ivanovski,  Nebojša Petrović

Editor: Balsha Boshković

Music: Othello by Chilly Gonzales (performed by Jelena Bešir)

A girl is walking through the city surrounded by the “Sound Chaos” of the people around her. Entering an old house, she comes across a sculpture that she takes home with her. As she falls asleep, she dreams of the sculpture falling apart and everything being covered with music. Blue Keys is an intimate story about an author’s comeback to play piano after three decades -music that is embedded in the film. The film explores the relationship between the creator and her work; the clash between reality and imagination. This is a film for watching and listening.

RS, MK | 2018 | 8‘44‘‘ | HD | DCP | Animation |

Produced by Dom Kulture ‚“Studentski Grad“-DKSG

Co-produced by VEDA Film Productions