Director:  Petra Selishkar, Brand Ferro

Producer: Petra Selishkar, Sara Ferro

Screenwriter: Petra Selishkar

Director of photography: Brand Ferro

Editor: Vladimir Gojun

Sound designer: Vladimir Rakich

Music: Willard Grant Conspiracy, Urshka Ristich

Principal Cast: Urshka Ristich, Mitko Filev, Alojz Ihan

Urshka Ristich is a beautiful young woman with a career as a pianist. Suddenly, her world changes into an ongoing agony to fight her endless list of autoimmune diseases. She makes a unique testimony of loss and survival, rebirth and renewal extending over a 10 year period, from her mid-twenties to her mid-thirties, excavating the interior world of this strong woman’s body.

After a strong autoimmune system breakdown young Urshka realizes that if she does not find a way to understand her body’s needs, it will destroy her.

SI, MK | In Production | Creative Documentary | Produced by Petra Pan Film (SI) Co-produced by PPFP (MK)