The EFP program will be held during the Cannes International Film Festival (May 14-18, 2020) and is aimed at developing and affirming European producers.

The producer must be fluent in English.

The producer needs to submit the following documents:

-Letter of motivation

-Description of the project or a slate of projects to be pitched, including synopsis and director’s note (if director is attached)

-Financing plan for the submitted project or for one of the projects presented in the slate.

All films eligible for this submission shall have a minimum length of :

                -at least 70 minutes for feature length films

                -at least 60 minutes for documentary films

-at least 6 episodes of 40 minutes minimum each for high quality international drama series

                -at least 15 minutes for VR experiences

The deadline for submission of applications is March 1 at the film address of the Film Agency of the Republic of Northern Macedonia:

Detailed information on the call can be found here:

According to the EFP, 20 candidates with the highest marks will be eligible to apply. The finalists have the opportunity to present film project, pitching sessions, group and individual meetings. The portfolio will be featured in press and promotional material in Cannes during the festival.