“Children of the Sun” Starts Filming Today


Antonio Mitrikeski begins shooting his new film “Children of the Sun” today at  Prespa Lake. The filming is expected to   last for 36 days covering locations in Resen, Oteshevo, Pretor, Bitola and Skopje. This is Antonio Mitrikeski’s third film following his “Across the Lake”(1997) and the“Like a Bad Dream”(2003).

The film tells an urban love story with a parallel to modern society, with Kire Gjorevski and Ivana Pavlakovik staring in the leading roles of Angela and Marko.

The film is produced by Horizon Film and Revolution Production and is a Macedonian/Serbian/Montenegrin coproduction with screenplay by Gordan Mihic, director of photography Jaroslaw Szoda and Zorica Todorova-Mladenovik as a costume designer.