Completed shooting of short film “An attempt for a happy story”


Last week ended the shooting of the short film “An attempt for a happy story”. Screenwriter and director of the film is Lavinija Sofronievska. Executive producer is Ivana Shekutkoska and director of photography is Darko Sekulovski. The film is supported by the Macedonian Film Agency and it’s produced by the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje, with co-producers Strimon Film and Fx3x.

A short film is a drama that explores the story of children and adults, the concepts of love, happiness and sorrow.

The main roles are played by: Tamara Ristoska, Filip Trajkovic, Kristina Lelavac, Igor Angelov, Matea Jankovska, Vesna Todorovska and Jana Nikodinovska.