“Day To Be Happy” Selected At DORF – Croatia


The music documentary “Day to be Happy”, written and directed by Ljubica Popovska and produced by Award Film&Video has entered the official selection of the 9th edition of the Festival of Documentary Rock Film – DORF in Croatia (12-15 March, 2015).

The film, which had its successful premiere as part of the Festival of European Film – CineDays in November last year, will have its screening in Vinkovci (March 13th) and Osijek (March 14th).

“Day to be Happy” follows the fifteen years from the formation of the band Kulturno Umetnicki Rabotnici (Cultural Art Workers), through interviews with current and former members of the band, music reporters, colleagues musicians, fans and numerous faces from the Macedonian alternative stage, intermixed with a large number of archival footage collected over the course of the band’s career.