Days of Macedonian Culture in Edirne


Over the past few days, Macedonian folklore and cultural, historical and spiritual heritage was presented in the city of Edirne, within the Macedonian cultural week, in organization of the International Film Festival in Edirne, Turkey.

As the State Secretary of the Macedonian Ministry of culture, Mr. Behixhudin Shehabi stated, the event, which took place March 25-28 under the theme: “Days of Macedonian culture and film atelier Macedonia-Turkey” included a performance by folk studio “Blazevski” under the mentorship of the folklore musical ensemble “Tanec”, folk dance ensemble ”Karsiyaka” and a presentation by the Macedonian Film Agency, Cinematheque of Macedonia and the Institute of cultural and spiritual heritage of Albanians.

Macedonian film, folklore and cultural, historical and spiritual heritage were represented through a performance by the folklore ensembles, as well as through a showcase of Macedonian films (featuring documentary and feature films by Macedonian and Albanian filmmakers) supported by the Macedonian Film Agency.

A photo exhibition dedicated to Manaki Brothers was also organized in cooperation with the Cinematheque of Macedonia, in order for the audience to better get acquainted with the work of the first Balkan cinematographers.

Macedonian Film Agency director, Mrs. Mimi Gjorgoska Ilievska and the director of the Institute of cultural and spiritual heritage of Albanians Mr. Skender Asani also addressed the panel discussion on “The prospect of collaboration between Macedonian and Turkish production”.

The Macedonian participation on this event was supported by the Ministry of culture of Turkey in organization of Edirne International Film Festival.

For more info about the film screenings’ schedule, please click HERE