Do Not Touch It with Dirty Hands


Original Format:  16:9

Year of Released:  2014

Running Time:  52 `

Director:   Vencislav Ristov

Producer:  Bogdan Jonchevski

Editor:   Bogdan Jonchevski, Kole Jovanovski

Screen Writer:   Gena Teodosievska

Director of Photography:  Victor Jonchevski

Music:  Tanaskov Boris

Principal Cast:  Tanas Lulovski

Brief Synopsis:
In this documentary we stress the excitement of the need for artistic expression even in the toughest and saddest moments in the life of painter Tanas Lulovski. Those who knew him unconditionally respected its free, unwavering spirit, his undeniably great talent and his work which is certainly part of our national artistic cultural heritage. Through his last and perhaps the only interview Tanas Lulovski with unique style of expression reveals his desires, fears, artistic concept of “white” life journey and the suffering of his family from his native Zhelevo, Macedonia through Yugoslavia to Bucharest and back to Macedonia. By Jana, his daughter back in the present Zhelevo, child paths of this remarkable Macedonian artist who ended his life alone and forgotten. The memories are painful but precious gift of Tane that Jana brings with it. Here are the photos, his papers and reminders, slippers and his legacy not be forgotten that “art must carry from birth, if not so you will only bother yourself and others around you!”


International Cinematographers’ Film festival “Manaki Brothers”, Macedonia, 2014

Production Companies:

Citystar Production

Belishka 13a 1000 Skopje, Macedonia