“Down From Heaven” With Screenings In Skopje And Bitola


    Sasha Stanisic’s short film “Down From Heaven” started with regular screenings at cinema Millennium-Skopje which will last for a week. As of January 27, the film will also be on the repertoire of the Centre of culture in Bitola.

    The film is a black comedy which focuses on Ana, a 15 year old girl, who replaces the SIM card from her phone, with that of her late grandfather. She starts to send messages to her family, using his number. But the seemingly naive joke turns against Anna.

    Cinematographer is Goran Naumovski and the lead roles are played by Ana Oshavkova, Hanis Bagashov and Zoran Bojarovski. The film is a Macedonian (Cutaway) and Bulgarian (Ars Digital) co-production and is supported by the Macedonian Film Agency.