“Fight for Death” Starts Shooting Tomorrow


“Fight for Death”, short film written and directed by Eleonora Veninova begins filming tomorrow (August 1) in the village of Kalen-Mariovo.

The story takes place in a deserted Macedonian village, where the last remaining occupant carefully plans his own death in empty grave next to his wife’s. His plan seems perfect until one morning he faces an even older man who claims that the open grave belongs to his parents and he has the right to inhabit it. The two men start arguing about who gets to die in the last grave.

The film is produced by Goce Kralevski – DNF Films with Dimo Popov as director of photography and Mite Grozdanov and Ilija Strumenikovski will play the lead roles of the two main protagonists. The project won Best Script award at last year’s Drama Pitching Lab which took place within the International Short Film Festival in Drama, Greece.

“Fight for Death” is supported by the Macedonian Film Agency.