“Fighting for death” on festival in Germany


The short film “Fighting for death” by the author Eleonora Veninova, continues with successful festival season with the participation on the festival “International Short Film Week Regensburg” in Germany. The film will be screened in the official competition for the best short film, along with 56 other films from around the world. As informed by the festival, for the 23rd edition, they received amazing 4500 film applications, out of which only 117 were selected in various categories of the festival.

This is an continuation of the Festival’s success from the last year, when “Fighting for Death” won two awards, “Golden Cat” for the second best film in the international competition of the Short Film Festival in Izmir, Turkey and the prize for Best Actor at the International Short Film Festival in Drama, Greece. The film drew special attention in Turkey and the Istanbul magazine Hayal Perdesi, devoted three pages forinterview with the director Eleanor Veninova and producer Goce Kralevski.

 ”Fighting for death” so far participated in over twenty festivals worldwide, including a numerous festivals which are qualifying for a BAFTA, Oscar and European Film Awards.

Paradoxical drama in which two old men arguing about the last burial place in a desolate Macedonian village was filmed last summer in Mariovo village Kalen. Scriptwriter and director is Eleonora Veninova. In the role of both grandfathers were actors Mite Grozdanov and Ilija Strumenikovski and director of photography is Dimo Popov. The film was financed by the Macedonian Film Agency.