First Bollywood film is shooting in Skopje


On the stage of the Macedonian National Theater started shooting the first Bollywood film in Macedonia “Vijay 61”, which involved over 1.000 participants from Macedonia.

Behind the film are very popular and award-winning names from India working in Indian films in Tamil language. Action thriller “Vijay 61” was shot in India in February and is expected to be finished at the end of this year.

The film is directed by 33-year-old Arun Kumar Atlee and is produced by renowned production and distribution company “Sri Thenandal Films”, which has existed for 40 years and have an impressive resume with more than a hundred films, in almost all regional film industries in India.

Shooting of the first Bollywood film in Macedonia is a result of the colaboration between Macedonian producer Dejan Iliev and Natarajan Ramdzhi, known as locational guru in India, which has provided locations for over a thousand films. Iliev in partnership with Ramdzhi founded “Mindy production”, arranged making of this project in our country and engagement of large number of film professionals from Macedonia.

Macedonia is included in the work of scene design, costumes, makeup, including over 40 filmmakers. In shooting are involving over 900 actors, dancers and extras, which together with the employees of the theater reached the figure of more than 1.000 participants from Macedonia.

In Macedonian National Theater are shoot the scenes from the film that are taking place on stage in Paris. In Skopje is based large team from India, which together with the director, principal actors and the director of photography consists 70 people.

The star in the movie is one of the most famous actors in India, Joseph Vijay Chandrashekar, known as Vijay, who is also considered the most influential actor of Tamil film in the country. The film is written by K. V. Vijayendra Prasad, who works in Bollywood and the music is composed by another big name from India, A. R. Rahman, who is extremely influential composer, songwriter and music producer. This is the second collaboration between the young Indian director Arun Kumar Atlee and the actor Vijay.

The Production Company “Sri Thenandal Films” announced that the film is expected to be finished by the end of this year. Macedonian producer Dejan Iliev expressed his satisfaction for this important cooperation, which, he said, is the fruit of their efforts to bring Bollywood to Macedonia.

The realization of part of the movie “Vijay 61” in Macedonia is result of the Macedonian Film Agency’s 20% cash rebate program, for investments in film and TV productions.