First-ever Global Gathering Of Film Funds For ‘Best Practice Exchange’ Reached Conclusions




The Macedonian Film Fund was part of the global gathering, which took place place 15th-17th February in Ein Gedi, Israel and was attended by the heads of 20 film funding agencies from North and South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australasia.  The Best Practice Exchange (BPX) workshop was the first of its kind ever held as an initiative of ACE (Ateliers du Cinéma Européen) in partnership with the Israel Film Fund, and was organized with the financial support of MEDIA Mundus.


Key issues of best practice in public funding for filmmaking throughout the world have been identified and debated at the high-level workshop where participants, who included leaders of national, regional and cross-border film agencies as well as experienced film producers from Europe and Israel, agreed on concerted actions to be taken forward for further study by the agencies attending, and by other agencies worldwide showing readiness to join the BPX initiative.

In order to address the significant challenges now facing the financing and distribution of independently-produced films, immediate best practice issues were singled out by BPX participants for serious consideration during a 12-month period of research and working group meetings.

The ongoing work of BPX will be coordinated and led by ACE, which will undertake supportive research, will structure and convene working group meetings, and will plan a further, full meeting of BPX participants in 2014.

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