First Fair of Contemporary Art – Paratissima Skopje – Open Call for Entries


The First  Fair  of  Contemporary  Art  – Paratissima  Skopje will  be  held  from  13  –15  June,  2014 in  the  Youth  Cultural  Center,  Skopje.

The open call for applications will be available for all interested participants during  the  period  of  May  9  – June  1,  2014 on  the  official  website  of  Paratissima  and  the  social  media  profiles  of  the  event.  There  is  no  pre‐selection  for  participation  at  the  fair,  all  authors  are  entitled to participation  – regardless  of  the  format  they  use  to  express  themselves.  The participation fee is 15 euros.

The  format of  Paratissima  is  simple:  together  with  the  artists  who  want  to  support the  initiative, the  event  gives  visibility  to  the  artists  and  artworks  and  supports  their  promotion. Paratissima  targets  everyone,  but  it  aims  to  give  support  and  promotion  to  young  and  emerging  artists, while  it  gives affirmed artists  an  innovative  context  for collaboration  in  a  dynamic  and  energetic  environment.  The  participants  and  their  works  will  be exhibited  in  the  Youth  Cultural  Center  with  the  help  and  coordination  of  the  fair’s  art  director  and  curator.  Every  author  has absolute  autonomy  over  the  choice  and  technique  of  their  artwork.

Paratissima  Skopje   is  realized  with  the  institutional  support  of  the  City  of  Turin,  Turin’s  Chamber  of  Commerce,  the   Youth  Cultural  Center  in  Skopje  and  the  City  of  Skopje.