“God exists, her name is name Petrunija” supporded by MEDIA


The new film by Teona Strugar Mitevska “God exists, her name is name Petrunija” received support from MEDIA sub-program of Creative Europe, on the last call for Single Project Development, in the amount of 30.000 Eur. In the competition of 294 applications from all over Europe, were supported 57 projects, including the latest film by Teona Strugar Mitevska, which is being prepared and will be realized in production of Sisters and brother Mitrevski, in co-production with partners from Belgium and Slovenia, with expectation of on more European Country to join the project.

“God exists, her name is Petrunija” is supported by the Macedonian Film Agency with the amount of aproximately 500.000 Eur and it was presented on three markets, of which on the CineLink Sarajevo, the project won the top award for development givenby the  European fund Eurimages, totaling 20.000 Eur.

Prestigious MEDIA program became available to Macedonian film professionals from July 2015, and since April 2016 as part of the Macedonian Film Agency, MEDIA Desk started to functioning. Since the accession of Macedonia in the MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe, significant number of projects received MEDIA support and the full list can be seen at the following link:www.ced.mk/mediamk/mk/poddrzhani-proekti