“Golden Five” won Best Foreign Film Award at the festival in Perugia


On the film festival in Perugia, which was held from 1 to 7 May, Macedonian film “Golden Five” won the award for best foreign film – Golden GRIFON.

“Perugia Love Film Festival” is a new independent international film festival in Italy that address topics related to love.

“Golden Five” won the hearts of the audience and in the Italian media, the movie was presented as a bittersweet love story, where through the fate of the characters is describes the sacrifice and the desire of young people from Macedonia, in the 50s of the last century.

 The story begins between faithful companions Maki, Kata and Gjigji, who believe in their youthful ideals, until the moment when it happens unclear murder of five progressive students from Strumica. Half a century later, Alavantie as a witness and investigator, returns to his hometown with a copy of the file “Golden Five”. His secrets brings anxiety in the marriage to an old Kata and Gjigji.

The script for the film is inspired by a real event from 1951 and it was written based on motives of Bratislav Taskovski. Producer is Dejan Miloshevski, director of photography is Apostle Trpeski, editor is Andrija Zafranovic, set designer is Cyril Spaseski, costume designer is Nela Todorovska, makeup is Irena Senokozlioska, music is written by by Darko Spasovski and Goran Kerkez. The film cast includes actors Slavko Stimac, Jana Stojanovska, Ljupka Dzundeva, Igor Angelov, Petar Arsovski, Biljana Tanevski, Vasil Mihail, Nenad Milosavljevic, Dine Drvarov, Stojan Velkov, Aleksandar Ristoski, Vlatko Ilievski, Grigor Jovanovski, Igor Todorov, Viktor Jakimovski etc.

“Golden Five” is produced by the company “Revolution” from Skopje. Despite the Festival in Perugia, the film so far has successfully participation at the festivals in London, Sydney, Toronto, Bengaluru and Moscow, where recently received a special diploma from the jury. At the end of the month the film will be shown at festivals of South-East European Film in Berlin and Paris and also in the next period are scheduled few regional premieres, as well as festival promotion in the United States. The realized with the support by Macedonian Film Agency.