Great reviews for “Liberation of Skopje” in Finland


Macedonia’s Oscar candidate in the Best Foreign Film category “The Liberation of Skopje” by Rade and Danilo Sherbedzija, was screened in Finland over the past days where it received great reviews from multiple media outlets.

The regional newspaper Turun Sanomat described the film as not only a display of the struggle of resistance against the Nazis as an absolute evil, but of people who are trying to maintain their identity in difficult circumstances  adding that the directors succeeded in showing the humanity in its characters.

The monthly magazine Voima says that the film realistically portrays the war conditions and the psychologically nuanced characters, while Ilta Sanomat, critic who writes for one of the largest newspapers in Finland commended that the suffering of civilians is presented convincingly, with special praise for the role of Rade Sherbedzija.

The web portal positive wrote about the naturalness of the actors, emphasizing the character of German officer Hans played by Mikko Nousainen, who is not shown portrayed in a cliché way but with a touch of humanity.

The film is a Macedonian/Croatian/Finnish co-production which had its premiere at Pula Film Festival followed with screenings in Sarajevo, Bitola, Helsinki, Tuzla. The film also opened International Bratislava Film Festival, where the director Rade Sherbedzija was awarded for his outs tanding achievements in the world cinematography. In the following period, the film will also be part of festivals in Zagreb, Belgrade, Palm Springs, Montevideo….

The fim is produced by partysans Production and is supported by the Macedonian Film Agency.