Director: Sergej Gjeorgiev

Producers: Dejan Dimeski, Kornelija Ristovska

Screenwriter: Sergej Gjeorgiev

Director of photography: Petar Kociski

Editor: Radovan Petrovik

Sound Designer: Igor Popovski

Music: Adi i Dino Imeri

Cast: Stefan Spasov, Cedomir Mitevski, Martin Mingov, Tomislav Davidovski, Marija Novak, Dragan Dovlev, Eljesa Kaso

Brief Synopsis:

Igor and his small gang of football fans plan an armed robbery, triggering an unexpected turn of events through which Igor will be forced to deny his nationality, religion, family and friends – the four key pillars of his identity. Set in multicultural Skopje, I am not Igor is a story about what is left of us when we stop believing that we are our personal story.

MK | Post-production | Drama | Produced by Kontrast Film

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