Italian film producers and distributors visiting Macedonia



The Film Market which took place yesterday, within the Festival of European film – Cinedays, was attended by 40 representatives of Macedonian and Italian production and distribution companies.

The director of the Macedonian Film Fund, Darko Basheski gave a brief presentation of the current legislation regulating the film industry, the funding mechanisms, film projects released over the 2008-2013 period and the new Film Industry Law, which enters into force on January 1, 2014 with the transformation of the Macedonian Film Fund into a Macedonian Film Agency. The Agency will continue to contribute to the development of the film industry by increasing the amount and size of its support of film projects as well as offer production incentives for a complete or partial production of film/television projects, in the amount equal to 20% of the gross expenditures made in Republic of Macedonia.

Following the presentation, the producers and the distributors got a chance for B2B meetings, in order to map the opportunities for a mutual cooperation on future production, co-production and distribution activities, and exchange their experiences.

As part of their visit the Italian producers will get the opportunity to closer examine the capacities that Macedonia has to offer on the field of post-production, by visiting the Macedonian production companies FX3X, Macedonia Music and Entertaiment and Vertigo, followed by individual meetings with the Macedonian producers and distributors.