Macedonian Films At The First Edition Of Tuzla Film Festival



The city of Tuzla will from August 22-26 have the honor to host the first edition of the Tuzla Film Festival. During the five festival’s days, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy great films from the South Slavic region.

Films will be competing in four different categories: feature films (Macedonian feature films competing: Saso Pavlovski’s“This Is Not An American Movie” and Vladimir Blazevski’s“Punk’s Not Dead”), short films (with Macedonian shorts”Bardo” by Marija Apcevska, “The End of the World” by Jani Bojadzi,  “Violent Youth” by Marko Gjokovik, Igor Aleksov’s“Bit Player”,  “Mrs. Rubin” by Kostadin Anastasov  and Filip Matevski’s “The Little Match Girl”), documentaries (“Macedonians in Istanbul” by director Elizabeta Koneska) and animation films (“People’s Front 12” by Ivan Ivanov).

Aside from the rich film program, the festival will also be offering a great number of other activities such as various round tables, discussions and debates. The aim of the festival is not only to be a platform for young people to express their individuality in the creative industry and to develop their artistic freedom of expression, but to enhance in them the sense of constructive criticism and competition.

For more info about the festival, click HERE