Macedonian films in the focus of the Short Film Festival of Grenoble


Macedonia and Macedonian films will be in the focus of the 39th edition of Short Film Festival of Grenoble, France, which will be held in the period of 05-10 July.

On 7th of July the following short fiction/animation films will be screened in the frame of the program “A la carte blanche”: “Inside” directed by Ivan Ivanov, “The Man in the Habit of Hitting Me on the Head with an Umbrella” by Vardan Tozija, “Alerik” by Vuk Mitevski, “Bardo” by Marija Apcevska, “Round Trip: Mary’ by Zarko Ivanov and “To Guard a Mountain” by Izer Aliu.

The films are supported by the Macedonian Film Agency.