Macedonian Minister of culture, Elizabeta Kanceska Mileska Visits the European Film Market in Berlin


During her visit to Berlin, the Macedonian Minister of Culture Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska, together with the Director of the Macedonian Film Agency, Mimi Gjorgoska-Ilievska met with Beki Probst, president of the European Film Market where the Macedonian Film Agency continuously, over the years presents the Macedonian cinematography and the benefits that our country has to offer in the field of film. What is important is that at the meeting it was agreed that in the future Macedonia will be presented with its own stand intended for promotion of Macedonian films which will open many opportunities for the development and promotion of this activity, as well as a place for presentation of all the benefits offered by the country.

During the visit, the Minister of Culture and the director of the Macedonian Film Agency also met with Roberto Olla – Executive Director of the European Fund – Eurimages and Susan Newman Baudais – Project Manager, discussing the presence of Macedonian cinematography at the Berlin Film Festival. Both sides expressed their satisfaction that both films that are selected in the Panorama program, “When the Day Had No Name” by Teona Strugar-Mitevska and “Requiem for Mrs. J.” Bojan Buletic were supported by Eurimages. At the meeting they also discussed the new European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production which was signed in Rotterdam which will open up many new opportunities for realization of joint film projects between European countries. It is also important to note that this year our country will host the general assembly of Eurimages in Skopje in October.

The Minister of Culture and the director of the Macedonian Film Agency also held a meeting with Maria Trokoli from the Directorate of Cinema at MiBACT-Italy, where they agreed in Macedonia to organize a joint meeting of producers from both countries in order to increase co-production projects that will enable the presentation of creative potential in this area from both countries.

The Minister of culture also met with the directors of the Israeli, Serbian and Bulgarian Film Fund, and met with the director of the European Film Academy Marion Doring and the selector of the Festival, Nikolai Nikitin.