Makedox Call For Rough-Cut-Workshop


MakeDox Creative Documentary Film Festival launches a 5 day rough-cut-workshop for creative documentaries under the mentorship of the awarded Danish editor Jesper Osmund, designed for 5 documentary directors or editors from the Mediterranean, Central and Southeastern European regions with projects in the final stage of editing.

The workshop will be held at the Children’s Theatre Center, June 16-20, and will focus on 3 aspects: the structure, the characters and the fine tuning.

Interested candidates can apply at  by 10.05.2012  at the latest by sending the following Registration formand providing a link to their  subtitled rough cut on Vimeo, Youtube or any other video-sharing website. Please specify: FOR EDITING WORKSHOP in the subject line.

The participation fee for the selected candidates is €100 per person.

The workshop will start and end with a screening of the rough cut of each participant.