Director: Ivo Trajkov

Producer: Silvia Panakova

Screenwriters: Ivo Trajkov, Jana Skorepova

Director of Photography: Peter Bencsik

Cast: Judit Bardos, Attila Mokosh, Jana Kvantikova, Verica Nedeska

Editor: Michal Reich

Brief Synopsis:

It’s spring 1939. The bishop in Banská Bystrica finds out that in the village of Piargy, that was buried by an avalanche a few days ago, the Antichrist was born. The bishop calls priest Baláž and asks him to investigate the statements of Johanka, the only survivor of the catastrophe. Baláž wants to know what exactly happened in Piargy…

SK, CZ, MK | In production | Drama | Produced by ARINA (SK) Co-produced by i/o post (CZ), Story Scope (MK)