MEDIA Desk MK organizes a Forum “Close up of the film festivals in Macedonia”

On the 12th and 13th of November within the 17th Film Festival “CINEDAYS”, MEDIA Desk MK initiates and organizes a Forum that will gather 12 film festivals from Macedonia for the first time.

The participants of the Forum will be the Directors of: ICFF Manaki Brothers, Skopje Film Festival, Cinedays, Makedox Creative Documentary Film Festival, EHO Mountain Film Festival, Animax Skopje Fest, International Film Festival ODA Tetovo, Kratovo International Festival of Ethnological Documentary Film, Giffoni Macedonia Youth Film Festival, IFF Kinenova, Investigative Film Festival, Festival of New European Film – Beach Film Festival.

The purpose of this initiative is to give a detailed view of the past and the perspectives as well as to raise questions about whether there are any ways to fully achieve the vision of one festival? Should we seek the audience or should the audience find us? Can everyone do it by themselves? Maybe we can do it together? How does a festival supported by the Creative Europe MEDIA look like? What does inter-festival cooperation mean?

The directors of the three European festivals supported by the Creative Europe MEDIA program are also invited to the Forum by MEDIA Desk MK: Copenhagen International Film Festival, Mecal International Short and Animation Film Festival from Barcelona and the Nordic Film Festival Lubeck from Germany.

The Forum is the second event of the series of events “Close-up” initiated by MEDIA Desk MK aimed at bringing together professionals from the audiovisual sector, exchanging experiences and solutions to specific problems.

Only by a close-up analysis we will get the answers to the questions, we will see the tiniest scars and wrinkles and we will try to heal them.