MINI EAVE Macedonia 2012


In cooperation with the Macedonian Film Fund, EAVE organized a special MINI EAVE workshop, which took place November 16 and 17 at  the Youth Cultural Center in Skopje, within the European Film Festival – CINEDAYS.

The workshop’s objective is to provide training for Macedonian producers eager to develop their projects as European co-productions.

EAVE Workshop Lecturers and presentators:

       Kristina Trapp (Chief Executive of EAVE, Luxemburg)

       Riina Sildos (Producer, Amrion, Estonia)

       Roshanak Behesht Nedjad (Producer, Flying Moon, Germany)

In addition to the workshop, there was also a presentation on the objectives of the EAVE programme, open to all intereseted film industry professionals as well as students, which took place place Nov. 16 at the EU INfo Centre at 6 pm.

The 2012 European Film Festival – CINEDAYS runs Nov 15 to 25, offering a 11-day program consisting of 107 films with everyday screenings taking place in Cinema Millennium, Cinema Frosina and the Cinemateque of Macedonia.

More info about the festival, HERE