Director: Merita Cocoli

Producer: Romir Jakupi

Screenwriter: Merita Cocoli

Director of photography: Spartak Papadhimitri

Nezo is a documentary movie based on the true story of the nurse Ljupka Siljanoska Cipusheva, who was engaged in the refugee camp Stenkovec in the time of the Kosovo war and bombarding of NATO in year 1999. She speaks abuot Nezo, the young man, the translator in the period of crisis. Nezo is a 16 years old young man, who speaks 5 foreign languages who on daily bases helps people in the camp. One day his sister gives birth in the camp after a high risk surgery. She is brought in the camp hospital by Nezo – an act that saved her life and brought twins in life. Nezo rushes to go back home in Kosovo, passing illegally the border, an action that made him step on a mine. He is brought in the camp, barely alive but he never succeeds to live through.  The movie explores the tragedy and the humanity that were caused by this young man and tries to tell the story of extraordinary people which you might never see in every day life but always in times of heroes.

MK | Pre-production | Documentary | Produced by Time Lapse