Opening of the Retrospective of Russian Films Directed by Karen Shakhnazarov


At a press conference, which took place today at MKC (Youth Cultural Centre), the director of the Macedonian Film Fund – Darko Basheski, the director of the Cinematheque of Macedonia – Mimi Gjorgjoska Ilievska, the director of the Youth Cultural Centre – Zlatko Stevkovski, the cultural atache of the Russian Embassy – Suren Erytsian and the Russian director Karen Shakhnazarov, announced the Retrospective of Russian Films officially open.

The Retrospective of Russian Films, comprised of  six films directed by prominent Russian director Karen Shakhnazarov, officially launched yesterday at Cinema Frosina, with a special screening of Shakhnazarov’s “White Tiger”, official Russian entry for Best Foreign Language Oscar. The event was organized by the Macedonian Film Fund and the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

The Retrospective was officially opened by the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Republic in Macedonia, Mr. Oleg NikolaevichScherbak. Karen Shakhnazarov, who attended the screening as a special guest, expressed his excitement for being in Macedonia and noted that he will donate his films to the Cinematheque of Macedonia so that the Macedonian audience gets the chance to enjoy his work in the future.

The Retrospective of Russian Films directed by Karen Shakhnazarov is to be held November 03-08, 2013 in Skopje, with parallel screenings at the Centres of Culture in fifteen other local Macedonian cities, equipped with digital projectors.

Karen Shakhnazarov is a respected Russian film-maker with a rich and prolific career and a current head of Mosfilm Cinema Concern Studio, one of the largest film studio complex in Europe.