Original Format:  Full HD

Year of Released:  2015

Running Time:  37`

Director:  Bajram Bajrami

Producer:  Afrim Faziri

Editor:  Muhamer Mustafa

Screen Writer:  Lejla Halimi Lumani

Director of Photography:  Ibrahim Mahmuti

Music:  Fatos Lumani

Principal Cast:  Sokol Hajrullahu, Adrian Aziri, Krenar Ismaili, Fisnik Ristemi, Fatos Lumani, Jeton Pustina

Brief Synopsis:
This documentary explores the position of professional musicians and the difficulties they face every day. It further studies the lack of connection between artists and the public. The professional lives of different artists of different profiles are shown simultaneously.


International Cinematograpers’ Film Festival Manaki Brothers, Macedonia, 2015 br />

Production Companies:

DEA Production

178/14 Mala Rechica 1200

Tetovo, Macedonia

[email protected]